John Lehrack

Musician, Educator, Performer

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Need help with your vocal technique?  Please visit my store on   Search my name and you can find recordings that total over 3 hours of vocal technical exercises that will help you expand your range, strength, agility, breath control and more.  Available for soprano, mezzo, contralto, tenor, baritone and bass voices.


I am an experienced pianist, vocalist, organist and concert harpist who can provide great music for most any event or occasion.   Weddings, memorials, private parties, receptions, church services and concerts are just some of the events I have performed at.  The music I play ranges from Bach to Maroon Five with some theatre, jazz and New Age thrown in.  What I personally love to play is music from the 1930s and 40s as well as anything from theatre and such classical composers as Haydn, Mozart, Debussy and Brahms.  Vocally, I am a classically trained tenor who has appeared in featured roles in opera and oratorio but who loves to sing musical theatre, the Great American Song Book and pop.   Whatever the occasion, I am happy to tailor the music for your event to what you would enjoy.  My playlist is far too long to list here and taking special requests is not only no problem but fun.  I have learned many great songs that I never knew before someone asked me to play them at an event.  If I can find the sheet music, I can probably perform it. 

I own a portable 88-key Yamaha keyboard that I can bring to most venues. 

Fees for private events begin at $100 and vary depending on distance travelled, type of event and services provided.


Perhaps the aspects of my career I love the most is choral conducting and accompanying.  I have worked for a wide variety of organizations throughout the West Coast, Hawaii, Florida and New York as a conductor and accompanist.   Most of my experience has been with vocalists and vocal ensembles as that is my passion but I have also accompanied many instrumentalists and directed several orchestral groups, particularly in musical theatre productions.   In addition to the vocal and piano teaching mentioned above I am available for individual instruction in conducting as well as a clinician.